Pre Production

script.shot list.storyboard.

We believe the more you plan and prepare, the better the outcome. We will listen to your needs, offer suggestions and combine the best of the best. From there, those thoughts are brought to life and put onto paper all the way from the script to the shot list. Every shot, movement and angle will be visualized and written down so when it comes time to shoot, there’s no time wasted. 

First, we will figure out which video type is best for you... a demo video for a new product? A promo video to show off your services? Or a simple hello with an about us video? From there, we will discuss where you want this video placed. The options range from email to social media, YouTube or the website. 

You can't walk onto set without a script! Whether it's bullet points or line by line, this is the message you want your audience to take in.




Now the fun part! Time to grab the gear and start filming! You may not realize how long it takes to film perfection but we need time! For example, a two minute video might take 6 hours to film and that's with peace and quiet. Time is a filmmakers worst enemy so understand we are working for only the best.

A typical set includes lights, cameras, microphones and all types of shiny knick knacks. This might seem overwhelming but know each piece poses as an important tool to create a clean, professional video. We'll do our best to keep you comfortable and focused on your part. And no worries if you make a mistake, we have unlimited takes!


Post Production

Edit. sound. Color.

Now we move onto editing where we take all the footage from the shoot and bring it to life. We sort and clean the footage, make our edits and give it color and personality to appear as beautiful as possible. We will export the video, put it online and make arrangements to get you a copy.

We can't forget the music! Music moves the video forward and helps create the tempo and pacing that is important to retain the audience's attention. We've got plenty of great choices to choose from to bring everything to life.

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